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Riley Bell starts fires she can’t control. Milo Reed controls fires he can’t start. The world has never been kind to deviants – the mysterious and often powerful creatures who walk amongst regulars – as teen runaway Riley has learned the hard way. When Riley meets Milo, the boy in the woods whose abilities complement…

Pretty Monster

Ten years have passed since the mysterious event that occurred in New York City, turning hundreds of civilians into deviants – a strange and powerful new breed of humanity. Most of these creatures have been rounded up and sent to the deviant prison known as Devil’s Island. Quinn Harper – known to those who both…

Further Introductions

In case my About Me page didn’t delve deep enough for some of you into the mind of the woman behind the world of deviants, here’s a little more about me. I’ve always loved writing. I’m telling you, before I even read Harry Potter, I was already writing my first novel – a story about…

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